Burglary Vs Robbery: What’s the Difference You Should Know?

Imagine, a woman returns home after a night out with her friends. As she walks inside, she discovers the jewels and money in the safety vault missing. What is she going to report, a robbery or a Burglary?

People indeed use both the terms interchangeably, but they both differ! Burglary involves a person illegally entering to commit a crime but robbery is someone taking a valuable item from another. Here is everything that will solve burglary vs robbery Karen Read queries that you have in mind.

Let’s have a deeper look at Robbery, Burglary and larceny as well

The Crime of Robbery

Also said as a violent crime, robbery is property theft from a person using force to threaten and force to seek possession of any item. Property is taken by the person as a robbery; however, violence or injury isn’t required.


Taking money/property
From someone without permission
Keeping the property possession in hand permanently
With the use of force, power, or intimidation

Apart from Robbery & Burglary, people often question larceny and robbery being the same! We will have a further look at that too.

The Crime of Burglary

Burglary involves breaking into, entering a structure to commit a crime like theft. The structure can be something like a house, a commercial property, vehicle, etc.


Illegal entering
A building, property (usually workplace, business space, home)
The intent is to steal something or commit something serious while inside.

The Crime of Larceny:

It is largely the same as theft crime and defined to be an unlawful taking of someone’s property to deprive them of it. If a person takes personal belongings from another individual, it is larceny, and they convert items for their use like selling them for cash.


Unlawfully taking away/ carrying away
Someone’s property, items
Not having their consent for the same
Only with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of their property

Distinguish Between Burglary and Robbery

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